Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harvest Crusade 2015

Someone sent us this picture.
Worshiping in the stadium felt like a taste of heaven. 
Every year Southern California waits with anticipation for what I believe is one of the most affective  and powerful evangelistic events anywhere, the Harvest Crusade.  At our church every year we host a Harvest Start Rally to encourage believers to pray for their non believing friends and to bring them to the crusade. We challenge our congregation to serve at the crusade in any area the Lord places on their heart. 
Saturday Night Response to the Invitation. 
One of the most amazing things about the crusade is the consistency in the clear un-compromised message of the Gospel given by Pastor Greg Laurie. Although Greg has been blessed with a great sense of humor that is relatable to the masses, he doesn't hold back talking about Heaven and Hell and the need for repentance. Years ago Pastor Greg preached every Monday night at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. My wife and I served as counselors for those who came forward. I can tell you the message hasn't changed. In fact I think it has become even more powerful as there is now an even greater sense of urgency because time is short. 
In our prayer meetings leading up to the crusade, and during the crusade itself, the thing that kept coming to my mind was, "Lord exceed our expectations. Do above and beyond what we could imagine." I believe the Lord answered the prayers of His church as over 10k people made professions of faith in Christ. Hallelujah!!!! 
We are now in prayer for the upcoming Harvest America taking place on March 6th 2016, at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas. Our church is planning on sending a team to serve at the event. Once again we will be praying that God will exceed our expectations.  May the Lord continue to bless the work of the Harvest Crusades in days to come.