Friday, February 20, 2015

Back Under One Roof in SJC

I wanted to take a moment and give an update on Calvary Chapel in San Juan Capistrano. Some of you may know that close to 6 months ago we were faced with some challenges that required quick and decisive decisions. First of all our church doesn't own its own parking lot... its crazy... We use the school parking, city parking ,and we also lease a parking lot. However back in the summer we were told that our leased parking lot was going to be taken and construction was going to begin. In addition to loosing our lots, the south band offramp to our church was completely shut down. We decided to pursue our options. The Lord was so faithful to open up the door for us to meet at ShoreCliffs Middle school in San Clemente. With a large population of our church traveling from San Clemente it made it convenient for them. All the other services were held in San Juan. We basically extended our staff and volunteers and spread out four weekend services into six, in order to meet the needs we had. 
The team of people that set up weekly and served faithfully were amazing. The main service at ShoreCliffs was well attended and done extremely well. It reminded me of starting all over again.  
Nevertheless overtime, I found it to be difficult to minister in the way I am used to. If you don't know much about me, I am a pastor that enjoys being with the sheep. I watched my pastor every week walk the aisle after each service and be available for the people.. that was my model and thats how I have ministered for 20 years. I like to be where the people are. But during this season when second service ended I would get in my car and drive 7 miles down the road. It was the hardest thing for me to do. I understood it was for a season and that it was necessary for the time being, and it was a blessing, but I was excited to get back to being under one roof. 
Also we came to find out that our folks like the live service over the video feed service. I personally feel the same way. As we came up to the five month mark our parking in SJC was extended, and the offramp, although still congested, had opened up. So we decided it was time to bring it back under one roof again. I can honestly say it has been an amazing blessing. The people that had never served before who were serving at San Clemente had been trained to serve in San Juan. Those who hadn't led before and were given opportunity to lead in SC, were now leading in SJC. We grew spiritually as a fellowship and even numerically by the grace of God. But more than anything I learned what it is to step out when God says step out and that He uses our steps of faith for His purposes. Also I am so grateful for a fellowship that is willing to trust God and step into the Jordan when called upon to do so. 

At the present time we are still actively looking for another location.. please pray for us...also we are still doing a weekly outreach in San Clemente at a Methodist church on Thursday nights. Myself and Raul Ries teach a small Bible study which has been  huge blessing.  A special thanks to those of you who supported us through this season of transition giving us the benefit of the doubt,  and prayed for us... from our church body, volunteers, and staff thank YOU....!!!