Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wisdom Needed, Wisdom Provided

Now give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people; for who can judge this great people of Yours? 2 Chronicles 1:10

After King David had died his son Solomon was anointed to be the next King of Israel. What an overwhelming task that must have been for Solomon. David was such a strong leader and warrior, how could Solomon ever think of taking David's place? In addition to being King, Solomon was also given the blueprints to build the temple for the Lord. When Solomon came to the throne he made a wise decision, he sought the Lord. He gathered all of the leaders and elders and they offered sacrifices to the Lord. He worshipped God, consecrated his life and kingdom to God. That night as Solomon slept the Lord appeared to him and asked him what he desired. Solomon did not ask for gold, or for fame. He did not ask for greater conquest, he asked for wisdom. Solomon's request for wisdom showed a dependence upon God. He knew there was no way that he could lead this kingdom without God's help. In response to his request the Lord gave Solomon wisdom along with an understanding heart. 

Life presents many challenges and obstacles that require wisdom from the Lord. The Bible says if any of you lacks wisdom ask of God, and He will grant wisdom liberally.(James 1:5

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Praise Reports from PJ

Hey Friends 
I wanted to give you an update on how things have been. I realized I have not written anything since I have been back from Israel. It seems like right after we got back we went into another gear leading up to our Easter Weekend Alive. 

ALIVE 2014: 
This year we moved our ALIVE event from Saddleback College to J. Serra High School. Although having it at Saddleback last year was a blessing J. Serra had more room and was far more convenient. We were blessed this year to have CRYSTAL LEWIS with us on Good Friday.  We have always loved her voice, but more than her voice, we love her heart for Jesus. She and her daughter Izzy Ray and band led us in worship. We reflected on the cross and the finished work of JESUS. Then Saturday and Sunday we had SHANE AND SHANE with us. I have been listening to these two guys with the same name for years, but this was the first time we got to meet them. How refreshing it is to meet people who not only sing about Jesus, but also they are living for Jesus.  I can't say enough about those two men and how they honored the Lord and ministered powerfully. 

The greatest highlight is seeing people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. The Lord exceeded our expectations this year. It was amazing to see how the gospel affects all demographics.  Also there were so many from our church family that gave of their time to serve. Without all the volunteers we couldn't have done it. Thanks to everyone. 

TIME OFF: After ALIVE was over we were able to get away as a family and rest a little bit. It was a refreshing time for everyone. 
BAPTISM: We had a baptism this last Sunday that was so sweet. Everyone who came into the water had a story of how they had been changed by Jesus. God is so good. 

We are excited that summer is around the corner… YEAHHH…. Looking forward to what the Lord will do through VBS, Jr. High/Sr. High camps, Women's Conference, Mexico Outreach and especially excited about our LOCAL OUTREACH we call "Church in the Park"!!!!!

READING: Started reading a couple new books that have been very challenging, reaffirming, and convicting all at the same time. One is titled the "The Work of the Pastor" by William Still, and "Dangerous Calling" by Paul Tripp. Both have been excellent. If you have a heart for pastoral ministry these are great reads. 

Thanks again for all your prayers and look to be getting back to consistent blogging in the days ahead. 
In Him,