Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pastors: Part 1

Shepherd the flock of God which is among… 1 Peter 5:1 

The bible draws a comparison between the people of God being like sheep. Sheep are not the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. They are prone to wonder. They can easily eat things that are hazardous to their health. What you come to realize is sheep need a shepherd. Thankfully Jesus is the "Best" Shepherd there is. He not only loves and cares for His sheep, but He also died for His sheep. 

The bible tells us that the Lord has called some in the church to be "under" shepherds to the "Chief" Shepherd. Pastors are placed among the congregation to do their best to care for the needs of the sheep. The care that is provided goes far beyond simply getting up and giving a sermon on a weekly basis. Although that is an important part of the job, its not the only part of the job. When you really think about it, the shepherds life is about the sheep. That is why he exists. The sheep do not exist for the shepherd, the shepherd exists for the sheep. 

The pastors ministry is about people. I heard someone once say, "I love the ministry accept for the people." How sad that statement was, especially when ministry is about people. If we loose sight of that it will have a devastating impact on the flock. I am often reminded in my own life and ministry concerning this truth about the importance of caring for Gods people. Recently I got to spend a little time with a brother and who has ALS. We also went to the hospital someone in the congregation had a heart attack. The same day we saw a sister who has a mass on her brain. Again went to the hospital to see someone who was going in for a surgical procedure. Another evening ministered to a young lady coming off of drugs and in need of salvation. I say all this to point out that the shepherds life is about ministering to and caring for the sheep. Its about people. Long after people forget the sermons you preached, or the blogs you post, or the conferences you share at, they will remember the time you spoke to them. The times you stopped what you were doing and came to their side. The moments you were available to listen. Granted, a shepherd can't minister to every need, but he should try to minister to as many as He can. 

The church doesn't need entertainers to amaze the sheep, nor does flock of God need activities directors to put together social gatherings, it needs shepherds. Shepherds that have a heart for the flock of God. Shepherds that will feed, tend, and care for  God's people whom He purchased with His own blood.