Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Times We Are Living In

A number of things have been brought to my attention in the last several days that have reminded me once again of the times in which we are living. 

ISRAEL AT WAR: The State of Israel has launched a counter attack against Hamas, calling up thousands of reserves to put an end to the bombing of its citizens. "Operation Protective Edge" continues to move forward as innocent people are affected on both sides and the world looks on praying for peace to come to that land. 

EXECUTIVE ORDER SIGNED: The President of the United States signs an executive order that will bar federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The President ignored requests from faith leaders asking for an exemption for religious organizations. Will this be a launching pad for lawsuits against Christian organizations that disagree with the Presidents order? 

RUSSIA: As Russia continues to flex its global muscles as the news reported an airplane being shot down by separatists who are supported by Russia and killing 298 civilians. How will the world respond? 

FAITH AND VALUES: Last week in the Orange County Register the article in the "Faith and Values" section read in bold print, "Some Evangelical Christians, Are Rethinking The Bible". The article went on to sight growing numbers of people calling for a less literal interpretation of Scripture.  Saying that there isn't a literal place called hell. 

As I consider all of these things and more going on in the world I believe that the LORD is still in control. In churches around the world Gods people are praying for revival. There is a unified cry for the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit. The things that are unfolding at the present time, may be the very things that the LORD will use to bring us to a place of desperation. The Lord said, "if my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways…" 
In the History of the Nation of Israel the Bible records how the Lord used difficult times to bring the people back to Himself. As all of these things unfold we begin to recognize our need for God. The Lord has a purpose for us at this time in church history. I am encouraged and excited about what the Lord may do in the future. But we must be empty before we can be filled, humbled for we can be exalted, broken before we can be whole, and weak so that we might experience Gods strength. 

Do your work Lord in these days! Lord fulfill with Your hand what you have spoken through Your word!