Monday, July 21, 2014

The Power of Prayer

In recent days at Calvary San Juan we have seen the Lord do a deeper work in our fellowship through prayer. You always here it said that, "there is power in prayer", and "prayer changes things". We are finding that it is true. It has been such a boost to our faith to see lives being changed, people being saved, and even some being healed. Another blessing we have been discovering through prayer is the atmosphere in our church is changing. There is a greater desire for more of Jesus and an expectation of a work of His Holy Spirit in our lives. As we observe what is going on in the world, and even in some places in the church it can be discouraging. Yet we have a ongoing and growing desire to see The Lord work in these last days. People in this world are looking for hope, and we have the hope and that is Jesus.
Another thing we are seeing is an increase in spiritual attack. It has come in many different forms. The enemy is greatly bothered when Gods people begin to pray. He begins to use different tactics to try and undermine the work of The Lord. We can feel tired and suddenly find all kinds of reasons why we don't need to gather for prayer. Also the enemy tries to cause division or confusion amidst Gods people. Nevertheless this causes us to pray more earnestly to our Lord. With all the bad things you hear about every day I wanted to testify that God still works through prayer. And if revival is gonna come in these last days it's gonna start with Gods people on their knees. Church don't stop praying!!!!!