Saturday, February 8, 2014


A real quick note on what a blessing it was for my wife and I to be apart of a high school youth camp up in Green Valley. A camp that was built by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa over 20 years ago. We actually attended the very first camp ever held there. Pastor Chuck's Vision was to have a place where young people could go up into the Mountains away from all the distractions and get to know their Creator who loves them so deeply. 
This weekend was my first time being up there since Pastor Chuck's passing. I was reminiscing about the first time we were at the camp even before the chapel was built. It was during the summer and the theme was the book of Revelation. My oldest son was 9months old. Fifteen years later at that same camp my son committed His life to Jesus. In addition to my own children being ministered to,  I thought about how many lives of young people have been forever changed over the years because of that property. What an amazing investment for the Kingdom. Chuck had a vision that he hoped would impact future generations, well he was right.  I pray that the camp will continue to be a blessing to many generations to come.