Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Was It A Silent Night?

Luke 2:7 there was no room in the inn…
Most Christmas cards  show the nativity picture of Mary and Joseph with halo's over their heads. The child in the manger is glowing with radiant light. All the animals are gathered around looking peaceful and content. We can almost hear the song, silent night, quietly playing in the background,  and the lyrics ring out of how the baby, "no crying he makes". The bible does not record all the trauma of the birth of the savior.

We have had four children and I can assure you we didn't have halos or the hallelujah chorus in the delivery room. And it definitely wasn't a silent night. 

Imagine if you can, Mary is ready to have a baby, the contractions are getting stronger, the pain becomes unbearable. She begins to scream in anguish. The animals in the stable become frightened and uneasy. It smells like a dirty barn. Meanwhile Joseph does his best to stabilize his wife. There is no doctor available. There is not even a midwife present to assist in delivery. There isn’t an anesthesiologist preparing an epidural. There aren’t any clean sheets, there is no place to lay down. When the baby does arrive there is no crib to set him in, no babies first outfit with little socks and hat. The King of the Universe is placed in a feeding trough for animals, which would be the equivalent of setting your newborn in a dog dish. It is hard to conceive the condescension of the Christ to the world. You would assume, that with the arrival of the King of the Universe, the LORD OF ALL, that the response would be monumental, unprecedented but sadly it wasn't. The one who will forever change the course of human history, comes into the world and there is no room for him. Think for a moment of the irony of it all. Here is the creator of the Universe, the creator of heaven and earth, and there is no room for him in that which He has created.
But even more disheartening is today some do not have room for Jesus in their hearts. There has been no Bethlehem experience in their lives. Yes they recognize and understand that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but He has never been born in their hearts. There is simply no room for Jesus. 

I encourage you, make room for Jesus. If you make room for Jesus in your heart, you will discover He has made room for you in His heaven. -MERRY CHRISTMAS

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that HE GAVE His only Son, that whosoever would believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.