Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review of last nights Harvest Crusade

What an amazing blessing it was to be a part of the Harvest Crusade last night. To see so many people in attendance, many of which were there for the first time. To sing with the worship band, to listen to the artists who were clearly there to lift up the name of Jesus was refreshing. But probably one of the greatest things, next to the response of those who went onto the field, was Pastor Greg's presentation of the gospel message. 
As far back as I can remember, I have been listening to Pastor Greg preach. I remember sitting on the floor as a young boy at Calvary Costa Mesa during the days of the Saturday night concerts. Then later in life, my wife and I being follow up counselors after the Monday night Bible studies. A few things have stood out over the years. 
For one thing consistency.  In a day and age when many are dumbing down the message of the gospel, Pastor Greg doesn't pull any punches. Last nights message was straight up about heaven, hell and death.  It was no joke, seriously legit. I was blown away, it was so clear and so right on. He wasn't holding anything back, he told the truth from Gods Word. 
Another thing that blesses me is how relatable the messages are. Its preaching that draws you in and calls for a desicion. Also the guy is seriously funny. One minute your laughing, and the next minute your moved to tears. God has given him a great ability to communicate in a way that young and old can receive. I was sitting with my 9 year old daughter and she understood much of what Greg was saying. 
In the last 24 years over 300,000 have made commitments to Christ at Angels Stadium one of which was one of my sons, a few years ago. Prayerfully you can make it out the next couple of nights. Bring someone who needs Jesus... thanks Harvest for all the work you guys have put in..