Monday, August 26, 2013

Repeat or Delete?

He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates friends. (Proverbs 17:9 NKJV)

It is so easy to want to publicize a matter and repeat the offense rather then cover it and forgive. When this occurs potential reconciliation is greatly hindered. Jesus told His disciples to love one another as He had loved them. That is quite a convicting command, especially when you consider the way Jesus loves us. When we sin He doesn't stop loving us. When we offend He doesn't stop talking to us. If we have grieved His Spirit and then we repent He forgives and He forgets. Jesus was love and demonstrated it over and over again. The apostle Peter at one point asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone if they had wronged him. Peter even made a suggestion, "how about seven times?" Jesus responded by saying not seven times, but seventy times seven. In other words you wouldn't be able to remember how many times you had forgiven.
 If someone has offended you, or sinned against you, seek to cover them in the love of Jesus. One way to do this is through prayer. Rather then repeat the matter to as many people that will side with you, give that hurt and sorrow over to Jesus and choose not to speak of the matter accept in His presence. What so often can happen is we may begin by informing someone of our grievance, but by the time the conversation is over we are angry and reliving the experience all over again. Learn to cover others in love. Rather than repeat the matter, delete the matter. PJ