Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Hesitant Leader

            In my journey through the Bible I am presently in the book of Judges. Judges reveals a repeated cycle of sin in the nation of Israel. They would start out serving the Lord, then pursue idolatry. The Lord would chasten His people by allowing them to be oppressed by their enemies. This in turn drove them to repent and cry out for Gods help. In His merciful kindness the Lord would raise up a deliverer and the people would return to the Lord. Yet before long the pattern would start all over again. There are many lesson to be found within the book of Judges. Today I was reading about Gideon.

              Gideon was a  man chosen by God to deliver the nation from the Midianites. As the story unfolds you come to realize that Gideon was an unlikely selection for leadership. When the Lord found Gideon he was threshing wheat in a cave. The Lords reference to Gideon as man of valor seemed laughable at first reading. God told Gideon that he would lead the people to victory in battle. Gideon gave to God all the reasons why He was not the right person for the job. Yet the Lord had a plan for this Hesitant hero. Gideon's path to moving forward with his calling was gradual one. To overcome his concerns Gideon asked the Lord to repeatedly confirm the promises that He had made. I suppose that was the thing that really stood out to me this morning. Gideon wanted to be sure that what he was about to do was truly the Lord. Each time Gideon asked for reassurance the Lord provided it. 

         What are you feeling called to do? What has the Lord put on your heart? Do you feel that you are not qualified for the task at hand? Do you have many reasons why God should select someone else more suited and gifted than you? If God calls you He will equip you. If God calls you He will go with you. Ask the Lord to confirm His will through His Word.  The Lord has ways of making things clear. But then be prepared to step out in faith. There will always be a step of faith required. 
Gideon did what God asked Him to do. Empowered by the Spirit along with the presence of God Gideon was used to bring about a great victory for the nation.