Thursday, October 11, 2012

Never Get too Busy

Many exciting things have been happening around here at Calvary Chapel SJC. God has been opening up some wonderful doors of ministry. We have also made some additions to our staff, which has been a huge blessing. We have had some missionary outreaches in the community and in Mexico and another coming up in Uganda.  And a whole lot more. However it has not been without warfare. Some of our staff has gotten sick, some had surgery, another threw out their back. I even went into the hospital one day with a Kidney Stone. (Crazy Pain wow!) Yet in the midst of it all,  God has been moving, doors have been opening, lives have been changing. 
In light of all that the Lord has put in front of us, I was exhorting our team to make sure and stay in the Word of God. It's our source of strength, our lifeline, and our sword in this battle. That we would be careful to not let ministering FOR the Lord take the place of ministering TO the Lord. I never want to be too busy for time with Jesus. Because I have found that the ability to serve Jesus affectively, comes from being with Him personally. If your too busy to spend time with Jesus, then your too busy. God bless you and thanks for your prayers! PJ