Monday, September 24, 2012


Have you ever felt inadequate? Your not alone. Many of God's chosen vessels did not feel up to the task to which they were called. One example is that of Moses. God appeared to Moses after forty years of dwelling in the desert. He had no idea what the Lord would call him to do. The Lord revealed to Moses that He was calling him to go back to Egypt and deliver the nation of Israel from bondage. Moses' initial excuse for not going was, " Who am I that I should go?"(Ex.3:11). The Lord responded with, "I will be with you" vs.12. Moses was still reluctant, he had already tried forty years ago to stand up for the Israelites and he failed miserably. However this time it would be different the Lord would be with him. The truth is Moses felt completely inadequate, and incapable to do anything for God. 

I read a story of a celebrated violinist named Paganini. On one occasion he was playing his violin during a concert, and had broken three out of four strings on his instrument. For some reason he had brought no replacements with him. So he continued to play on one string, and although obviously restricted, he was still able to produce magnificent music. 
Inadequate people may feel like the violin with only one string. Yet in the hands of the Master, there is still possibility of fruitful service. In fact it is far better to be like the violin with one string played by Paganini, than like a four stringed instrument in other hands. So the question is not, "How adequate am I?"but "Am I completely in the Masters hands?"1

Affective ministry is not dependent upon my own sufficiency. My sufficiency is found in Jesus, He alone is all that I need. 

1 Perils of Leadership, Kenneth Prior