Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feeling Forty

I guess in one sense, turning 40 is another mile marker for me on the road of life. I am thankful to my Savior who has walked with me every step of the way and blessed to know that He will continue to walk with me. 
I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to my church family for their amazing demonstration of love last night.  For all the hugs, cards, letters, prayers, encouraging words, and friendship. I am so thankful to be at CCSJC. I have grown a lot over the last 5 years at our church, and I am still growing. The Lord isn't done with me yet, but thankfully He is committed to the task. He also promised to complete it. I am humbled that the Lord would use someone like me, and I am grateful to my Lord. Again my deepest thanks. I love you guys.. PJ