Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Senior Pastors Conference

"His Grace is Sufficient for Me."
The Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference was held at the Murrieta Bible College Conference Center. This year the conference was centered on the book of 2 Corinthians. 2 Corinthians is one of my favorite epistles. For me, the conference is a highlight of my year. It is such a joy to get together with all my friends who are serving Jesus all over the world., To have four days to catch up is priceless. As a pastor, to be able to sit and listen to teaching from Gods Word by some of your favorite Bible teachers is refreshing. Damien Kyle's message on "Don't Loose Heart" was incredible. Also my friend Bobby Hargraves from Yonkers, New York gave an amazing devotional. Levi Lusko gave a message entitled "The Deadliest Catch", which inspired us to keep throwing the net of the gospel out to lost people. Pedro Garcia's message on Elements that are Found in a church where God is moving called us to examine the work we are doing. We don't want to have any elements missing. Also there was a Q&A led by Greg Laurie, Bob Coy, and Brian Broderson that was a truly a highlight. They answered some really important questions and provided tremendous clarity.
As many of you are probably aware, Pastor Chuck is battling cancer. However he was at the conference all week. He has set an example for the rest of us to serve Jesus to the end. On the last night of the  conference, Pastor Chuck taught through 2 Cor. 12-13. To hear him read the passage, "Gods grace is sufficient and that in my weakness He is strong", was overwhelming, for he is living what is preaching. God is continuing to sustain him. The times of worship in song were also a great blessing. The last night Scott Cunningham and the School of Worship led us in worship. It was phenomenal.
School of Worship
It is always difficult to leave the conference, because you know you are going to have to wait a whole  year to see everyone again. But I am encouraged and refueled to serve Jesus with all that is within me. May Jesus continue to be glorified through the lives of all the pastors all over the world.