Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Shout of Praise

This is my first chance to sit down and collect my thoughts. It has been a great weekend. We had two weddings on Saturday, and a service that evening. Then we had our services Sunday and a baptism following. I am writing this down at this moment because my heart is filled with gratitude to My Lord. I am grateful that the Lord that lets me serve Him. As I sit here and type I am extremely thankful for the church the Lord allows me to pastor. I am thankful for the people, and blest to be able to present the Word to them. 
Some of the testimonies of those who were going into the waters of baptism today are amazing. To see what Jesus can do in lives that are surrendered to Him is awesome. To watch a person change, and have their eyes opened, to see them coming from darkness to light and from death to life. I don't want to take it all for granted, instead I want to give God glory for His continued faithfulness. Thank You Jesus!