Saturday, March 17, 2012

Follow Me

I am presently hanging in a Florida airport with time to kill. It dawned on me that  I have not written anything in a while. The reason is because I haven't had time. We have had a lot of new things going on.....Ahh... taking a breathe... now have a second to write... well in this moment I will share a few things. If my thoughts seem a little scattered and my punctuation missing,  its the time change sorry.
I just finished up a mens retreat with a few Calvary Chapels in the South East of Florida. The theme of the conference was "Follow Me" taken from Luke 9. It was wonderful time. the Lord did a great work and it was an honor to share with the men who were hungry for the Word of God. We looked at three things. 
1. Following: Responding to the Call to Follow, 
2. Fighting: Being Victorious in the Battle as we follow. 
3. Finishing: having started well, we want to finish well.

Coming back to Florida is always a blessing. For me its like coming back to Gilgal, or Bethel. By the way those were two important places for the children of Israel. Basically it is a place of remembrance. A place where I reflect upon the amazing miracle of our first church plant. All the memories of Gods faithfulness quickly come back in to my mind. I also realize how quickly time goes by. When I travel it also gives me a chance to see things from a different perspective. when I am removed from my normal surroundings it provides some clarity and times of prayer. 
I will be back in the pulpit tomorrow morning. there is no where I would rather teach than in our own fellowship in San Juan. Anyway... thats all for now I need a cup of coffee. Hope to be writing some more consistently perhaps with a little more to say.. love you guys.. PJ