Thursday, March 29, 2012

Part of a Pastors Job

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." 
Matthew 7:15

In the Gospel of John Jesus referred to Himself as the Good Shepherd.(John 10:11) The writer of Hebrews calls Jesus the "Great Shepherd" of the sheep.(Heb.13:20) God's Word refers to the church as a flock. The bible says that all we like sheep have gone astray. Jesus loves the flock for He lays down His life for the sheep. He pursues the one who has gone astray. He has a rod and staff that are a comfort, because it shows that He cares.There was a great concern that Jesus had for His flock. The bible refers to Pastors as shepherds. Paul told the Ephesian elders to take heed to the flock, because Jesus purchased the flock with His own blood.(Acts20:28) Peter exhorted the elders to shepherd the flock of God serving as overseers.(1Peter5:2)

The role of shepherd consists of feeding the sheep. You may recall that Jesus exhorted Peter to feed the sheep. The best diet for the sheep is the Word of God. For the Word of God alone will strengthen, encourage, and nourish the souls of God's people. The flock becomes healthy when they are well fed. In addition to feeding the flock, the pastor is to care for the flock. Seek to minister to the needs of the people. Serve them. Be there to pray for them. Take time to listen to them. Yet the shepherd has another role that is equally important to the others. He is to seek to protect the flock. By protect I am not suggesting Lording over the sheep in some unbiblical manner like a "shepherding movement." I am referring to taking heed to the warnings in scripture. Jesus gives a warning to His disciples about wolves in sheep clothing. Outwardly they look like sheep, or even shepherds for that matter, but inwardly they are wolves. They want to fleece the flock. 

The apostles dealt with this in their ministry from time to time, and even went on record as mentioning names specifically. The apostle John spoke of Diotrephes loving the preeminence. Paul wrote in many of his epistles concerning the dangers within the early church that came in the form of certain persons peddling their doctrines. When it was necessary to warn the flock, they did. 

In the day of political correctness, sometimes we tread very softly. Perhaps even too softly. We are careful not to be offensive. We never want to appear as unloving. I do believe this is important because the bible exhorts servants of the Lord not to strive or quarrel but be gentle able to teach with patience and long-suffering.(2Tim.2:24)  At the same time, I do believe there are occasions where we need to warn the flock. And by that, I am not saying that a pastor get up to the pulpit week after week and share whats wrong with everyone except himself. We would spend our time far better if we told people what we were for, and not just what we are against. At the same time, we are living in a day and age where shepherds are going to be called upon to warn the flock of God. In so doing you won't always be the most popular guy in your town. You may be painted in a particular light that is not accurate. You may not be invited to the convention. But your a shepherd, this is a part of your job. Lovingly, truthfully, boldly, do your best to love the sheep. Feed the sheep, care for the sheep, and at times when necessary do not be afraid to warn the sheep of impending dangers. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hey there, if you don't already have plans for Easter I wanted to personally invite you to join us here at Calvary Chapel SJC. 

Good Friday: On Friday April 6th we will have two Good Friday Services at 6pm and 8pm. This will be a great time of worship, led by Scott Cunningham and the School of Worship. Also we will have a time of communion as we remember our Lords death for us upon the Cross. 

Easter Sunrise: If you an early riser, join us on Sunday Morning April 8th at 6:00am. Yes I said 6am..We will have a time of worship and experience together the sunrising on Resurrection day. Sunrise is held in the back parking lot of CCSJC.

Easter in the Park: At 10am we will combine all 4 weekend services in Historic San Juan Capistrano Park which is two blocks from the church. This is a great time to bring someone who doesn't yet know the Lord to hear the message of the gospel and come forward to receive Jesus Christ as their savior. Following our service will be a BBQ and Resurrection Easter Egg hunt for the kids. 

Hope To See You This Easter As We Celebrate Together our Risen Lord!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Follow Me

I am presently hanging in a Florida airport with time to kill. It dawned on me that  I have not written anything in a while. The reason is because I haven't had time. We have had a lot of new things going on.....Ahh... taking a breathe... now have a second to write... well in this moment I will share a few things. If my thoughts seem a little scattered and my punctuation missing,  its the time change sorry.
I just finished up a mens retreat with a few Calvary Chapels in the South East of Florida. The theme of the conference was "Follow Me" taken from Luke 9. It was wonderful time. the Lord did a great work and it was an honor to share with the men who were hungry for the Word of God. We looked at three things. 
1. Following: Responding to the Call to Follow, 
2. Fighting: Being Victorious in the Battle as we follow. 
3. Finishing: having started well, we want to finish well.

Coming back to Florida is always a blessing. For me its like coming back to Gilgal, or Bethel. By the way those were two important places for the children of Israel. Basically it is a place of remembrance. A place where I reflect upon the amazing miracle of our first church plant. All the memories of Gods faithfulness quickly come back in to my mind. I also realize how quickly time goes by. When I travel it also gives me a chance to see things from a different perspective. when I am removed from my normal surroundings it provides some clarity and times of prayer. 
I will be back in the pulpit tomorrow morning. there is no where I would rather teach than in our own fellowship in San Juan. Anyway... thats all for now I need a cup of coffee. Hope to be writing some more consistently perhaps with a little more to say.. love you guys.. PJ