Tuesday, February 7, 2012

90 Days

I decided in January to do something I had never done before. I decided to go through the Bible in 90 days. Normally I am a one to three chapter a day guy. I read, pray, reflect and write. However I had a desire to go through more of the Word. It's like changing up your workout regiment, but it has been good. One of my biggest concerns was how much I would be able to retain. I still don't know how much I am retaining, but one thing I have discovered, as I put the Word into my heart, I find it is there to draw from. In this process however there are days when I think,"what did I get out of that?" Yet later on in the day I can recall some of things I had read. Also it has been cool to listen to the Word while driving in my car. Taking my son to school we were able to go through a number of chapters in Job. He and I started discussing Leviathan. Your like, "what's Leviathan?" Well its not a screamoh band, or maybe it is.  Actually it is a creature that God created. In Job there is a description of a dinosaur like creature. It was pretty cool. By the end of March I will be done with the 90 days. I had enjoyed it and only pray that there will be a greater reservoir of Gods Word for me to draw from in the future. 
I am using the You Version on both iPad and iPhone. The You Version has many different Bible reading plans as well as different translations.