Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have got a great opportunity for you this Friday Night 24th, at 6pm or 8pm we are showing the brand new Walking on Water Film "Promise Land".  We will also have some special guests in attendance that night which include.......

3x World Champion.
Tom will Be sharing in Music along with.......

 ........musical guest Danny Donnelly.

You can register for free tickets online:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday Night Alive

Yesterday after our services we held a meeting for those who had a desire to help with our new upcoming Saturday night service. I wasn't sure what to expect as it related to the turn out. However when the meeting came to order I was truly blessed by all of those who came and expressed a desire to help us with this new venture of faith. There were more folks there to help then we used to have come to our Wednesday night Bible study. thank you Jesus!
I expressed to those in attendance that I believed the Saturday evening service will minister to an entirely different group of people. For example those who work on sundays, parents who have children in sports, and others who like going to church Saturday night.  I also shared, that to me, it was like starting over again. When you first plant a church you don't really know what to expect. Your not sure who will show up. I find it all to be exciting. Folks signed up to help with children's ministry, hospitality, greeting, ushers, security etc. Seeing the group that turned out confirmed to me that this is something the Lord is calling us to do at this time. So we are going forward on our knees. Trusting that the Lord will honor His Word as it is proclaimed. And that as we serve together God would use us to minister to a lost a dying world. I pray that our Saturday Evening Service would be whatever Jesus wants it to be. 

Saturday Night Service begins: 
Saturday Night March 3rd,  6:00pm-7:30pm

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

90 Days

I decided in January to do something I had never done before. I decided to go through the Bible in 90 days. Normally I am a one to three chapter a day guy. I read, pray, reflect and write. However I had a desire to go through more of the Word. It's like changing up your workout regiment, but it has been good. One of my biggest concerns was how much I would be able to retain. I still don't know how much I am retaining, but one thing I have discovered, as I put the Word into my heart, I find it is there to draw from. In this process however there are days when I think,"what did I get out of that?" Yet later on in the day I can recall some of things I had read. Also it has been cool to listen to the Word while driving in my car. Taking my son to school we were able to go through a number of chapters in Job. He and I started discussing Leviathan. Your like, "what's Leviathan?" Well its not a screamoh band, or maybe it is.  Actually it is a creature that God created. In Job there is a description of a dinosaur like creature. It was pretty cool. By the end of March I will be done with the 90 days. I had enjoyed it and only pray that there will be a greater reservoir of Gods Word for me to draw from in the future. 
I am using the You Version on both iPad and iPhone. The You Version has many different Bible reading plans as well as different translations.