Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday Night Service

Up to this point at Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano I had not been open to having a Saturday night service. I'm not sure why, I guess I was used to Sunday mornings. However I recently had a meeting with our leadership at the church. We were praying and discussing what to do about our ongoing problems with parking. (Side Note: Calvary Chapel SJC does not own one parking spot...amazing)
As were seeking the Lord on options that we have, we discussed changing our present service times. Altering the current service times might lead some to go to first service if we made it a little later. Then we began to talk about Saturday nights. For the first time I sensed that the Lord was directing us that way. I actually was excited about the possibility. We talked and prayed a little more and "it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us...."Acts 15:28 We decided to pray about having a Saturday night service from 6:00-7:30pm. Then we would alter the first service from 7:45am to 8:00am. Then second and third would stay the same times 9:30, 11:15am. 
The next morning I really felt that I needed some further confirmation from the Lord in His Word. I am not one to do something just to do something. Especially when it comes to ministry I want to be sure we are in step with what the Lord has for us. So I went to the scriptures. It is such a blessing to be reading through your Bible and trust that the Lord will speak to you as you daily read through His Word. That morning I was reading through the book of 1 Kings. In 1 Kings 12:15 I read "this turn of events was from the Lord that He might fulfill His word." Then I read 1 Kings 12:24 "For this thing is from Me". I had been asking the Lord, "is this of you or of us. Lord, do you want us to take a step of faith and start a Saturday night service?" As I read through the Word I received my answer. God is good!  Later that day I called one of my good friends, who is also a pastor. For many years he has been a close confidant, and a wealth of council for me. As I spoke with him about what we were praying about, he confirmed the direction we were taking. 
Beginning March 3 we will host our first Saturday night service. I don't necessarily know what it will be like. I am not planning an event, I simply want to lead people to Jesus. I know that I will be teaching what I will be teaching on Sunday mornings. I know we will have a time of worship. I am excited, because on a Saturday you can be a little more flexible. My prayer is, "Jesus whatever you want Saturday night to be." It presents another opportunity for us to minister. I also am aware of the fact that I cannot do this on my own. We need the Lord to assemble a group of people who share the vision and can help us minister to those who will come. We need children's ministry helpers, ushers, prayer teams, hospitality.. if the Lord is in it He will provide for it. 

Please keep us in prayer as we take another step in serving the Lord. Also if you would like to serve with us on Saturday nights you can contact the church office: 949-443-2572, ask for Pastor Jason, or Pastor Gary.  We will be having a team meeting in the next couple of weeks. 
Thanks guys.. love you.. PJ