Friday, November 11, 2011

A Time to Rebuild

The book of 2 Chronicles ends on somewhat a somber note. The nation of Israel is carried off into captivity to Babylon for the next 70 years. It was painful to read of God's people resisting the Word of the Lord. To observe the rebel time and time again only to suffer the consequences of their sin. 
 Yet God had made promises to the nation that they would be given a second chance to return to the land of Israel. And upon their return they would rebuild the temple that had been destroyed. 
the rebuilding of the temple and the restoring of worship would not be an easy task. Yet God raised up a man named Ezra to come along side of the people. The good hand of God was upon Ezra. He prepared his heart to serve God and walk in faith believing God. 

Often times when you teach through passages of scripture they parallell your present circumstances. There are many things concerning the church at large that need to be rebuilt. In some places there has been a departure from Gods Word. There are places where the church is dying. There are areas where the church has become mechanical and operates like a machine rather than a living, breathing body.
It is time to rebuild. To go back to a solid foundation. I believe that there is a need for a work of God's Holy Spirit within the church today.  I believe that work comes by way of God's Word. It is my sincere prayer to God that in our own fellowship we would see a greater work of the Lord as we study together the book of Ezra. That in our community, our churches, homes, and lives the rebuilding would begin.

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