Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Passion For God Conference 2011

Pastor Chuck Smith
This weekend we joined many other men in attending the one day mens conference at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. I have been attending these conferences since I was 19 yrs. old when they were held at the Anaheim Convention Center. I even attended them via the internet at our church, when I was pastoring in Florida. We would all gather in the sanctuary on East Coast time and watch the live feed. I always have enjoyed getting together with all the men and singing praises to God. There is something pretty awesome about thousands of men singing in unison to the Lord. 
This year was unique for me in that I had the chance to participate at the conference in sharing from Gods Word. It was extremely humbling experience. Each one of those men that got up and spoke at the conference are the men that I have listened to my whole life. My Pastor, Chuck Smith, still at 86yrs old getting up there and preaching the Word of God. He has been an amazing example and role model for so many men, including myself. Then Raul Ries, Brian Broderson, Jeff Johnson, David Rosales, Ray Bentley, Greg Laurie. These men have affected so many people with their ministries. It was an honor to be a small part of the conference. It is one I will never forget to praise God for. 
Scott Cunningham my friend since grade school
Funny story about the conference. First of all you don't know what any of the other guys are going to share about. They do not give you a passage. They encouraged us to share what our Passion for God was. One of the fears you have when you are speaking toward the end is that someone else may share your passage. Well the first person out on the platform was pastor Chuck and he shared my passage. I was like, "oh no!" :0)... then later on in the day Pastor David Rosales quoted the passage I was to share on...again.."oh, no!" Thankfully the Lord took both of those men in a little different direction then I was planning to go. It was cool to see how God placed a central theme upon our hearts individually by His Spirit. 
One other thing that was a little stressful. As the day went on the sun began to beat directly upon the pulpit. Which meant that my Ipad, that I normally teach from, would automatically shut down due to the heat. I began to scramble.. I was able to find someone on sight that had a printer. I emailed my notes to them, they printed them out, then a security guard put some holes in the paper, borrowed a musicians 3 ring binder and I was on my way out... whewww...! crazy.. Yet the Lord was faithful to come through as He always does. It was a great time and the men from our fellowship were blessed to be a part of it... 
It was also a blessing to have two of my close friends who were in my wedding leading the worship. Scott Cunningham and Tim Nienhues. Thankful that we are able to serve the Lord together.