Saturday, September 17, 2011


Montanahhhhhhh! My son left only two weeks ago to attend a missionary training program in Whitefish Montana. The school is called Potters Field Missions Training School. You attend classes for three months then you go onto the mission field for three-six months. Young people from all different churches attend. Once they finish their training they head out to Africa, Costa Rica, El Salvador, or the Philippines.
My parents and my younger sister work at the school. I have been trying to get out there for sometime to see the work and teach. I finally got my opportunity, and it was amazing.
worship at chapel 
I had the chance to go near the Glacier forest and float down a river in a raft. The scenery was breathtaking. I believe Montana is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I have been in the mountains before, but nothing like this. Toward the end of our rafting trip we came to a place where you could jump off a 50ft cliff. I did not jump, but my son did which made me totally nervous. He survived!
I was able to attend some of the training in the classroom. The interns learn many things that will equip them for the mission field. I taught a few times in the classroom as well. I spoke at their chapel service. It was great to lead worship with my son again. I taught from Phil.3 on the subject of Pressing On. I also taught a morning class from the book of Acts 21, and we considered the subject of discovering the will of God for your life. On another evening we had a pastors perspective q&a with the interns, and I answered questions about life and ministry.
Teaching in the Classroom
One of the other reasons I went to Montana was to say goodbye to  my parents. At the end of the month they are leaving for Africa for 6 months. I will miss them terribly, but I am so proud of them for following the call of God on their lives. 

I want to encourage you, if you are interested in missions, or are looking for a vision for life and serving God, Potters Field Ranch and Missions Training School is a great place to consider and pray about being equipped. 

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