Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iron Man Dinner with Pastor Jack Abeelen

Pastor jack and I in New Jersey this summer
We had a great time Tuesday night with my friend Pastor Jack Abeelen from Morning Star Christian Fellowship in Whittier. Pastor Jack is heard weekly on KWVE at around 130pm mon-fri. Jack was our guest for our once a month Iron Man Dinners we have for our mens ministry. He shared such a wonderful message with us from Hebrews 12 about running the race. We all have a race to run in our life. It is important when we are running our race that we do four specific things to ensure our finishing well. 

1. Divest: ourselves of anything that would hold us back. The writer of Hebrews exhorts us to run the race with endurance. In order to do this we must lay aside every weight and the sin that can so easily beset us. The laying aside of the besetting sins in our lives is a given. The more subtle things to lay aside are the weights that may not necessarily be sinful but have the potential to slow us down or stop us all together. 

2. Run: That seems almost to obvious but this is what the text in Hebrews says. We are to now run and run in such a way that we may obtain the prize. We want to win. 

3. Focus: Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. It is so easy to get distracted in this world. it is imperative that we keep our eyes fixed and focused upon Jesus. It is the equivalent of putting on the horse blinders and running with single vision.

4.Consider: When times get tough and the road seems long we should consider Jesus. Think of what Jesus went through. Consider what Jesus endured and we will be encouraged. We can make it because Jesus did. And He promises to run with us in this race. 

We were blessed, challenged, and encouraged. We look to forward to the next month Iron Man on October  25th with special guest Pastor Pancho Juarez.