Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Testimonies From A Daily Walk

videoI thought it might be a good idea to take a moment and share some of the praise reports we have recently received from our radio broadcast. We are so encouraged here at A Daily Walk to read of what the Lord is doing in the lives of people over the airwaves. I wanted to say thanks to all who write us here.

....Good morning, 
I found you guys through tunein radio recently while searching for a Christian truly bible based program. God led me to "A Daily Walk" , now I listen every morning and throughout my work day. I became a Christian 2 years ago here in Katy,TX at Second Baptist with Pastor Ed Young and I love it. A daily walk helps me with my relationship with Jesus Christ in allowing me another way to continue in my worship path. Thank you all for everything you do.
P.S. I recently found myself in sin and at one of the lowest points of my life. I am up now and you guys help me in my daily walk. God Bless!  Richard TX

....I was driving down a desolate stretch of road in Texas while moving from California to Dallas today.  I have encountered so many hardships on this journey to Dallas to pursue my dreams.  Following another of the several setbacks in my trip, I happened to flip to a radio station carrying Pastor John's message on Elijah in the wilderness begging God for death, and God sending an angel to him to feed him and comfort him.  I was so moved I had to pull over and weep for several minutes because I could relate to Elijah's difficulties  due to the difficulty in my own journey.   I pray that God will protect me and guide me in this endeavor.  I thank God for leading me to the station that carried your sermon. Thank you for your message.  It was exactly what my spirit needed to lift me up and give me the courage to continue through these battles.  Thank you, thank God, and may God bless your ministries....Stephen TX

... just listened to you on Hope Fm are truly a messenger sent of God.  I enjoy you and have been meaning to e-mail you sooner, however this is a bad time of day for me.  I just had to get a thought off to you today though...God Bless you and your ministry continually....Amen. Mary, NY
...Let me introduce my self I am a listener of your presentation and teaching of God’s word (A Daily Walk) every morning on “The Bridge FM”. I am from the Mid Hudson Valley area of New York. I thank God for your abilities and gift of teaching that he has given you through his Holly Sprit.  In addition I would like to thank you for your energy and devotion to this calling.  Through your mission and God’s Holly Sprit, I get a further understanding of God’s word. Your studies present God’s word in a way that touches and inspires me along with energizing my sprit everyday.  I pray that God continues to strengthen you and guide you.  I have never written anyone like this before and felt moved to send you these few words of encouragement and thanks. There are several other bothers in Christ both at work and at church that also listen to your presentation of God’s message. Keep marching forward, finding Strength in the Lord our Savory Jesus Christ. Glory to God the Father, his risen Son Jesus Christ and the Holly Sprit!!Blessings and thanks, From a fellow Brother in Christ, ...Ken NY, NJ

Hi John,
I just want to thank you and God for the many blessings you bring to my life each morning. I ride a motorcycle every day to work and listen to your message between 4:30 and 5:00a.m. as i ride.  I am blessed and Praise God for servants like yourself that help to teach the Gospel.
In his service,
Ed, CA