Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Harvest Crusade 2011

The 22nd Annual Harvest Crusade was an amazing evangelistic outreach. With the united involvement of 215 churches, there were 115,000 in attendance over the weekend. In addition to those in attendance at the stadium there were 1,303,332 online viewers that hit the webcast. The greatest news of all was that there were 11,592 decisions made for Christ at the crusade. It was a weekend I will never forget. 

Bible Bus

On Friday night we decided to rent a bus and take as many people as we could to the crusade. We filled it up with 54 people. It was a lot of fun to go to the crusade together and some of those who came ended up going down on the field to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus Christ. We sat up top close to section 512.

Saturday Night was the youth night. Musical guest included Lincoln Brewster, Phil Wickham, and the loud, rocking, band called Red. It was kind of a big night for me personally. I had the joy of getting to open the night in prayer. Many people have asked me how did that come about? i honestly don't know. Someone called the church and asked and I was as shocked as anyone who saw me there that night. It was a great honor to which I am still completely humbled by Gods grace. It was kind of funny after the Saturday night Harvest we decided to go to In-n-Out in SJC. As we were sitting there, we ran into my friend Phil Wickham coming through the drive through. He was gracious enough to get out of his car and take a picture with the boys. 

Sunday Night: We returned for the final evening of the Harvest Crusade. That night the stadium was completely packed to capacity. Each night that Pastor Greg shared was powerful. God has truly given him a gift to communicate the gospel so clearly. To see all those people make there way down on to the field inspired me to tell more people about Jesus. It made me want to reach my own community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you missed any of the crusade you can watch it archived online. Also there is one final night of the crusade at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. We are planning on attending and serving at that as well. Thanks to those of you who prayed for us.. I just wanted to share some of the great things the Lord did. He deserves all the glory and credit, for He alone is worthy.