Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reuniting with Friends

This evening I had a chance to see some former classmates that I had not seen in a long time. Yes, it has been twenty years since I was in high school. Shocking! Where did the time go? At first it is awkward walking into a room that is full of people that you should probably remember, but can't. Then there is that moment where you make eye contact with someone, and you cannot remember their name. They don't recognize you, and you don't recognize them, but for a moment you play it off like you both know each other. Its funny, I am smiling right now as I write.  Then you begin to converse and it all starts coming back to you. Well, at least some of it comes back to you.  
It was a joy to be reunited for a few hours with people from the past. It reminds me of where I was, but also it reminds me of where I am. It is also amazing to me the things that we remember. The things that made the biggest impression upon us in that season of life. 
I was reminded this evening that in life, friendship is important. Being a friend, and having strong ties are essential. It seems that no matter how many years go by, a friend will remain a friend, and for this I am grateful. The bible says, "a friend loves at all times." I am truly thankful for the friends that God has given me. And for the blessings in my life that are only because of Him. I am even more grateful for the friend that sticks closer than a brother, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.