Friday, June 10, 2011

"A Passion For God"- Pastors Conference

Theme of the Conference
This week I had the joy of attending the Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference. It is an event that I look forward to every year. I get to see fellow pastors that I have known for many years. The fellowship with the other guys is extremely uplifting. It is also a time of amazing teaching from God's Word. This years conference theme was "A Passion For God". There were a number of topics that were considered: 
A Passion for.... the Word, the Lost, the rapture, for those who are suffering,  the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit.  
Each study ministered to me in different areas of my life. I could probably right an entire blog on each message, but let me share at least one highlight. 

A Time of Worship at the Conference
Baptism with the Spirit: Pastor Malcolm Wilde from Calvary Chapel Merritt Island Florida, shared on the baptism with the Holy Spirit. All I can say is, it was incredible. There is no substitute for the power of God at work in the lives of His people. His text was Zechariah 4. He emphasized that the task for ministry is beyond us, and therefore we need a greater power than we possess in ourselves. We need to be stirred by the Holy Spirit, and also be empowered by the Holy Spirit. The work of the ministry must not seek to be accomplished by carnal means. Also we must avoid the danger of taking concepts and principles or programs without the Holy Spirit's involvement.  Knowing that we can be empowered by the Holy Spirit reveals that we can all be used by the Lord, and that all the glory belongs to the Lord. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit that is a secondary work to that of conversion which empowers the believer for service. We simply pray for it and receive it. To try and minister without it, will only bring about eventual burnout. 

Anyway there was a lot more that ministered to me at the conference, perhaps I will write down some more later... Blessings.. PJ