Thursday, June 30, 2011

New York Times

Although we only spent two days in New York there is so much that I could write about. As we were getting ready to leave New Jersey many of the locals had a look of concern when we told them we were going to New York. We were given so much advice. Things like watch your wallet, don't talk to strangers, be careful on the subway. With all of the council we received I was on heightened alert. I have traveled to many parts of the world, and actually many dangerous places, but I had never been to New York. 
We boarded the train in New Jersey and rode into New York. We arrived at Penn Station and then hailed a cabby. I have heard stories about New York Cab Drivers, its all true, and then some. There are 8 million people in New York. The streets are packed with cars. When we got into the cab and we were all silent. This guy drove like he was crazy. He was honking,and shouting at people. He told me how stupid people were, I didn't want to disagree. He would floor it through an intersection to beat the guy next to him. I am excited to meet my Savior, but I didn't want to go like this. He drove us to Time Square where our hotel was located. 
Time Square was unbelievable. I had seen it on TV at New Years when the ball drops, but that didn't do it justice. We checked in to our hotel and were on the 38th floor overlooking Time Square. I was like looking at a bunch of ants on the ground. We decided to go out and explore. We have a friend who lives in New York so she came and met us for dinner at Carmines. Just a side note, I met more people with the name Carmine or Dominique. The restaurant had amazing family style italian food. Then our friend Amber showed us around the city. It was great to cruise with someone who knows there way around. We had a great night of fellowship. 
The next day we purchased tickets to the double decker bus. That is truly the way to go. You get on the bus and you can get off anytime  you want. It takes you all over New York. The tour guide points out all the sights and the history of the city. It was so much fun. We decided to get off at "Ground Zero". We went to the 911 memorial site. Walking through that museum brought back so many memories, it was emotional. They are rebuilding the towers at the present time. It is going to be incredible.
We got back on the bus and went to the Staten Island Fairy. Its a 20 minute ride there and back to Staten Island. It was great to see the statue of Liberty. We then came back got on the bus and finished our tour through New York. Then something incredible happened that made our trip to New York even more amazing. 
I had found out that one of my all time favorite musicians was in New York playing a concert right around the corner from our hotel. His name is Jonny Lang and he is a blues musician. I had tried to see him in the past but it never worked out. Jonny became a Christian a number of years ago. I was able to get tickets. Me, my son Jake, my pastor and good friend Brian Broderson, who is also a big fan, and Mike Doyle who pastors a church in New York went to the concert. (side note I even heard Brian quote a Jonny Lang song in a Sunday morning The doors opened at 6pm, we arrived around 545pm got in line. We got the most incredible seats. We got to sit less than ten feet from Jonny. All I can say is it was unbelievable. We came back to our hotel and I was so thankful for an amazing trip to New York. I loved it and can highly recommend it.