Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Praise Report on the Weekend

I wanted to just give a quick praise report on what the Lord did this last weekend. The Lord is so faithful. On Good Friday night, we had a time of worship that was a huge blessing. The School of Worship, from Calvary Costa Mesa, came out with Scott Cunningham and led us in a time of worship. Our church was overwhelmed with praise and thanksgiving for the finished work of Christ. We spent time in the Word looking at the detailed account of the crucifixion of Christ. Then we had a chance to partake of communion. Honestly i think it was the best Good Friday Service we have ever had. 

Then we prepared for our Sunrise Service on Sunday Morning at 6am. As I woke up around 345am to get ready to go. I noticed that it had rained the night before. I got a little nervous. Then as I was driving to the church it was definitely sprinkling on my car. As a pastor you immediately go into "plan B or C mode". Yet I kept driving and praying. When I arrived in San Juan it was more of a mist. We had a great turn out of people to help set up all the chairs. This year we moved our Sunrise out the parking lot at the back of the church. It worked out really well. As the sun was rising we were singing. Then we looked at that first easter morning. I had a chance to share about the two disciples on the road to Emmuas. They were two men who went from having broken hearts, to burning hearts. The difference was knowing that Jesus was alive and the scriptures being opened to them. Following Sunrise it was time to get ready for Easter in the Park. 

Easter in the Park 2011
Again I was a little concerned about the weather. It was cloudy with chance of sprinkles. We had a great turn out to set up the chairs and sound. Everyone really pitched in. We were so blessed. As we were about to start the service we prayed in the back for God to move mightily that day and hold back the rain. As the band began to lead us in worship we lifted our voices in praise. The band had planned on a number of songs. However into the 5th song it started to sprinkle on us. I quickly went up to the platform and they ended the song and people greeted one another. When I opened in prayer, i asked the Lord to part the clouds and let the sun shine on us. 
I was able to share the account of the resurrection and then gave people a chance to respond and give their lives to Jesus Christ. To accept Him as Lord and Savior. As people began to walk forward to pray in the front, the CLOUDS PARTED, and the sun came out. God is so faithful. Some of the stories of the people who gave their lives to Christ was so encouraging. God draws people to Himself. The power is in His Word. 
Following our Service we had a great BBQ and a Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt. What a great weekend. The Lord answered our prayers. Thanks to Everybody who helped serve this year and all who attended.