Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back From Israel

Praying at the Wailing Wall
We returned from Israel last Saturday morning after traveling for 24hrs. I must admit I am still a little jet lagged, but for the most part doing great. Israel was amazing. This was my second time in the Holy Land, but my wife's first time. We traveled with Calvary Chapel Golden Springs and Pastor Raul Ries. Being in Israel takes your Bible from Black and White to Color. Every time you read of a certain place in your Bible you can now see it in your mind. You can take a vacation to many different places within the world. You can observe beautiful landscape, or score epic waves, but nothing compares to Israel. It is truly life changing. As the journey begins till the time it ends, it is filled with wonder.

There were many highlights for me on the trip. One of them was being on the Sea of Galilee. Waking up in our hotel room walking out on the patio and looking at the Sea of Galilee. Opening my Bible and reading of when Jesus calmed the storm. We got to take a boat out onto the Sea and had a Bible study. As we made our way across the glassy waters, I was reminded of the fact that the disciples ministry started right there. Galilee was the place where they heard Jesus say, "follow me" and they left all and followed after Jesus. Another memorable spot was in the Garden of Gethsemane. Do being in the garden where Jesus submitted to the will of His father. To think of the prayer He prayed, " not my will but Yours be done." While in the garden we had a chance to get alone with the Lord and take some time and pray. It was there in the garden that I said to the Lord, " Let Your will be done in my life. I don't want to tell you what You should do in my life. Lord You tell me what You want me to do. And give me the strength to surrender to Your plans." During the trip we had a free day in Jerusalem. The City of Jerusalem is like no other city in the world. I cannot explain it, but if you go there you will know what I mean. I had the chance to walk the wall of the city. I put on some worship music and began walking and praying on the walls of Jerusalem. At one point on my walk, I turned to the left and I saw Golgatha. The place where Jesus was crucified. Then I saw the Mt. of Olives and neared the East Gate..etc.. It was such a tremendous blessing. The trip was such a blessing that we are already beginning to plan another adventure Lord willing next year. Many in our church are now excited and have expressed and interest in going. With a year to plan that will give us time to save up. 
I must say I do miss being in Israel, however at the same time its great to be back, there is much work to do.

God bless you guys.. PJ