Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan and Other Parts of the World

This morning I had plans to meet some friends for an early morning surf. However when I arrived I was greeted by a frantic woman screaming at me to turn my car around, and that the beach was closed. Although I was a little shocked by the way she was acting, the badge she wore was enough to convince me I needed to turn around. As I began to drive away, I pulled up next to another car and asked a fellow surfer what the problem was. He informed me of the Tsunami that had just hit Japan due to a 8.9 earthquake.  I quickly drove home and turned on the news. The pictures of the fallout of the earthquake and Tsunami were devastating. The panic on the faces of the people and the early numbers of the death tole being broadcast broke my heart. Then to hear the CNN reporter say, "the pictures are apocalyptic", was unbelievable. In so many ways you feel helpless. You want to get on a plane and assist those people. These are human beings in desperate need. Yet where should we go first, Haiti, India, Africa, Iran, Egypt, Libya, or Japan. All over the world the signs of the times are increasing. 
Jesus said in Matthew 24 that there were various signs that would take place in the world revealing that we are in the last days.
Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 
All of those things that Jesus mentioned have always been with us. The world has always been at war, the world has always had famine, the world has always had disease and earthquakes. Although that is true, things have never been as intense around the world as they are right now. Look at Iran, China, Russia, and a host of other countries coming together just as the Bible predicted. This very Day  in the world Japan experienced the 4th largest earthquake in the history of the world. Please allow me to share some considerations and then exhortations, all of which are written with love.
Considerations: To the person reading this blog who doesn't have a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ.  First understand, God loves you. He created you to know Him. He sent His only son Jesus to die for you. To forgive you of your sins and offer you the hope of heaven. He is calling you to Himself, to turn from sin and repent and receive the gift of salvation. 
Considerations: To the person who is simply going through religious motions, but your,"Life in Christ "is a walking contradiction of hypocrisy. It is time to awaken from your sleep and turn back to Jesus. To no longer justify the lethargy and hide behind the mask of your own good works. To stop pointing your finger at the "hypocrites in the church" to justify your own life apart from Christ.  It is time to come out of the shadows of secrecy and get right with God.  God has a plan for you that you are missing ,as long as you continue to live in disobedience to what you know to be right.

Exhortation: To the believer in Jesus Christ, God has placed us here at this time in History to be a light. To love the lost, to minister to their need. To point them to Jesus.  To preach the gospel. The world is growing darker, but the light will shine brighter. The truth of the Word of God is what sets people free.

May our hearts be stirred to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers.