Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Church Planting

Church Planting 101: Pastor Brian Broderson of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is doing a series ,on his "Back To Basics" web site about ministry.  He will bring in various pastors and leaders to discuss various topics. Today the topic was Church Planting. It was good to get a chance to sit down with my pastor and talk about planting churches. As I began to reflect upon planting a church almost 14 years ago a lot of memories came flooding back to my mind. I began to think about the faithfulness of God in our lives when we ventured out. The realization we came to that without the Lord we could accomplish absolutely nothing. Then to think about all that God did in those ten years in the South East of Florida was amazing. 

Then we began to discuss the process that the Lord took us through in moving back to Southern California. This too was mind boggling to think about. I shared with Brian that two of the most difficult decisions we have made so far in ministry was, 1.moving to Florida  to plant a church, 2.then moving back to take over a work, here in California. But in each case the Lord has shown Himself faithful. He has provided, He has worked, He has blessed. Because He alone is good. He alone deserves the glory and the credit. I have nothing to offer people in and of myself. I am still as in need of Jesus in the work of the ministry as I have ever been. 
And Praise the Lord He is still as powerful as ever to work in and through me if I will yield to Him. I am thankful for the journey the Lord has had me on thus far. And I am excited to see what He will continue to do.

Here is a Link to the Back to Basic Sight.
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