Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Forgotten but not Forsaken

Genesis 40:23 Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. 

 As a young man, God placed dreams within his heart. He did not know what those dreams meant. When he shared them with his family it caused division. His brothers even conspired against him and sold him into slavery, in order that those dreams would never come to pass. As Joseph was sent as a slave to Egypt all hope seemed lost. Yet the Bible says time and time again, "that the Lord was with Joseph." 
He was placed in a home of a powerful man, and promoted as the head servant. Yet a second time Joseph was conspired against and placed into prison. Yet the Bible says, "The Lord was with Joseph." While in prison the Lord continued bless Joseph. Then there came a day when there  seemed to be a divine appointment within the cell.  The Pharaohs  baker and butler were placed under his care. Each of them had startling dreams to which Joseph was able to interpret. Joseph begged to be remembered in the sight of Pharaoh so that he may be released from prison.  But the butler "forgot about Joseph." I can only imagine how painful and disillusioning for Joseph that must have been. To have a glimmer of hope in the dungeon, only to be forgotten again.  Joseph would spend two more years in prison, until one day when every thing changed. While Joseph waited two more years he had  no idea what God's plan was for him. Questions filled his mind, "How would anyone find him there?" He probably thought himself a fool for having dreams of great things as a child. How immature, and presumptuous all those dreams must have seemed at this point. Ah but behind the scenes unbeknownst to Joseph, God was working. Those dreams would come to pass.

You see although Joseph was forgotten by man, he was not forsaken by God, and neither are you friend.