Friday, January 7, 2011

A Promise to Hold On To

In the book of Genesis chapter 12, the Bible introduces us to a man by the name of Abram. Abram, who eventually becomes Abraham, was called by God. God spoke to Abram while he dwelt in a place called Ur of the Chaldees. It was a pagan city where idols were worshipped. When the Lord spoke to Abram, he told him to leave his country and his family and go to a place that the Lord would show him. He responded to the call of God leaving his country, and the Bible says, "he went out not knowing where he was going." When Abram made it into the promise land he built an altar to worship God. The Lord then spoke to Abram and made him and incredible promise. God promised to give Abram the land of Canaan. However God did not say, "WHEN" the land would be given to Abram. Trusting in the promise of God and its eventual fulfillment Abram dwelt in the land. But then a test of his faith occurred. A famine hit the land, and the promise had not yet been fulfilled. So Abram took his wife Sarai, and without seeking council from the Lord, left the land and went to Egypt to find help. In His faithfulness to Abram the Lord brought Abram back into the land and blessed him even though he made a mistake in not seeking the Lord. 
From time to time, the Lord speaks a promise to us from His Word. In His still small voice He speaks and reveals things to us yet to come. We know that the promises are from God, and we wait with great anticipation for their fulfillment. Yet as we wait, there doesn't seem to be any fulfillment. In fact nothing seems to be changing. We begin to wonder if we actually heard anything at all. Perhaps this is where Abram was at this time in his life. Tests to our faith will come. Challenges to the promises of God will happen. But do not let go of what God has said, even though all seems to be facing in the opposite direction. Hold fast, and wait, God will bring His word to pass in your life. He is faithful..