Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are studying through the book of 1 Kings on Wednesday evenings at our church. Tonight we look at chapters 17-18. These chapters to me are exciting because the Prophet Elijah comes on to the scene. The nation of Israel was living in idolatry. Then out of no where the Lord raises up a prophet to come and speak the truth. 
We don't really know much about Elijah's background. We know he came from the area of Gilead, but thats about it. However as you study the chapters that focus on his life and ministry you learn a lot about him. He was a man who was willing to do what God said, regardless of what everyone else did. He was a man who was dependent upon God. Elijah had to trust in, and live by, the promises God gave to him. Elijah was willing to stand for God in his generation. The Bible also tells us he was a man of like passions. Meaning he was human. He was just like you and me. I take great comfort in that. If God could use Elijah He  can use us. Blessings...! Pj