Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Be Afraid, Have Faith

It was the worst day of his life. The day that his daughters health had failed to the point of death. For twelve years she had been the joy of his life. Watching her grow, seeing her smile, was more than a delight. Yet in one dark moment, she was about to pass away. Jairus was a desperate man. He had sought the help of doctors, yet no cure was found. As a ruler of the synagogue, it is certain that he had begged God for her to recover, but as the days went by she only grew worse. Finally, at the end of his rope, Jairus recalled hearing of a man named Jesus. He had heard that he had opened the eyes of the blind. He knew that he had cleansed lepers. It was his only hope.
As Jesus approached the shores of Galilee, Jairus pushed his way though the crowd with all his might. He fell at the feet of Jesus and begged Him to come to his home and heal his daughter. Jesus agreed to go with Jairus. You can imagine Jairus desperately pushing his way through the crowd. Every second was critical. He had to make it home before she died. Along the way Jesus stopped to minister to a woman who had touched the hem of His garment and was healed. It was during that brief pause, that must have seemed like an eternity to Jairus, that one of his servants came with news." Your daughter is dead, why trouble the teacher any longer?" It's over Jairus, she is gone. You tried, but she is dead. The pain of loss was more than he could bear. No words were coming from his lips,only tears came from his eyes. Then out of the darkness of the moment, a ray of light came though the Words of Jesus, "do not be afraid only have faith." In only a short time Jairus daughter was raised back to life and restored to her parents. Truly Amazing... 
Yes the girl had passed away, but Jesus is the resurrection. Yes, all hope from human perspective was completely lost, but Jesus was about to perform a miracle in raising the little girl back to life.
Dear reader, I do not know your situation today. All hope may seem gone, all dreams dashed, but we must hear the words of Jesus, "do not be afraid only have faith." We must keep believing, we must be fully persuaded that He is able. It is not beyond His power, it is not beyond His strength to accomplish what we can not accomplish. Let your heart be filled with faith in the one who is always faithful. Do not be afraid, just have faith.(NLT)