Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iron Man Dinner with David Rosales

Last night we had our monthly Iron Man Dinner. The Iron Man dinner consists of great food, wonderful fellowship, a time of worship, and a teaching from a guest Pastor. We were blessed to have Pastor David Rosales from Calvary Chapel Chino Valley join us. I have always been encouraged and blessed by Pastor Davids teaching. He has a tremendous gift of exhortation as he teaches God's Word. This gift of exhortation inspires me to live for Jesus. At times when I have listened to his messages I have experienced the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the need to examine my heart and see if I am where I need to be as a Christian man. Pastor David spoke from Philippians 1, where Paul speaks of having a walk worthy of the gospel. David pointed out that there are many today who are "doctrinally sound in their theology, but practically carnal in their daily living." This he made clear from the scriptures, was a inconsistency in the life of the believer. There should be something about the way I live my life that looks less like this world and more like Jesus. David also made mention of the importance of blooming where you are planted. Serving in your congregation that the Lord has placed you is important. Not simply sitting idly, but serving faithfully. For many this is a missing part of their Christianity. David shared a story of a women who visited his church and said," this is my first time here and I wanted to know what this church has to offer me?" David responded by saying," the question is what do you have to offer this church?"
The overall theme of Davids message was, the fruit of being a Christian will manifest itself in a changed life. What I say I believe will ultimately affect the way that I live. As I left the church last night my prayer was, " Jesus let your life be seen through my life. Let me decrease so You can increase."

Thanks Pastor David for Blessing the men of our church with a timely and much needed word.

Monday, October 25, 2010

school of worship getting armor on


Open Mic Night

As some of you may know I teach a class once a week at the School of Worship at Calvary Costa Mesa. The school of worship provides a place for worship leaders to be further equipped in their gifts. The school is a one year program that emphasizes musical development as well as biblical instruction. This year is somewhat of a special year for me because my eldest son attends the school.
Last night we traveled to a placed called the Galley. The Galley is a small little restaurant on the Harbor in Newport. When we arrived the students began showing up with guitars in hand and songs in their hearts. It was a blessing to listen to them sing the songs God had given them. Also it was a lot of fun because we got free milkshakes. It is a such a joy to be a small part of what God is doing in the lives of the students as they prepare for what the Lord has them in the future.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Staying Connected

Dear Friends

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some ways we are seeking to stay connected.

1. Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano is updating its website here in the next few days. The new site will give you a chance to get a better understanding of what goes on at the church, here and abroad. look for that soon at
There will also be a mobile site included

2. A Daily Walk-the book comes out the second week in November. The book is a 180 devotional that combines biblical truth with spiritual application. I wrote it for both the new believer as well as the seasoned saint. You will be able to purchase it from our website, or here at the church or Calvary Distribution, etc.. We just want to get it into the hands of people. Any proceeds from the book go right back into ministry, I do not make anything from them.

3. New Web Site: A Daily Walk is launching a new website in the next few days as well.

4. Twitter Updates: In an effort to stay connected and be a blessing we are connecting to Twitter.
( once the book is released this is a connection that will send out daily quotes from the book as a source of encouragement to you)
(this is my personal account where I send out verses, prayer requests, and other random things :))
(this is a connection for ministry updates from Calvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano)

Friday, October 15, 2010

You Are Loved

I heard a story years ago about the great Theologian Karl Barth. Barth has been referred to as " the most outstanding and consistent evangelical theologian that the the world has seen in modern times." He wrote volume after massive volume on the meaning of life and faith. On one occasion a reporter once asked Dr. Barth if he could summarize what he had said in all those volumes. Dr. Barth thought for a moment and then said: "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." How simple, and yet how profound.
The love of God is something that is found within God's very nature. We are told in 1 John 4:8 "God is love." Love is, who He is. God's love is unconditional. His love goes beyond human comprehension. "God loves the World," says John 3:16. Yet for all of the times in the scriptures where we read of God's love, there is the demonstration of His love that is the most astounding. For the Bible tells us, "that God demonstrates His love in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."Romans 5:8
While we were opposed to God. When we were as far away from God as we could possibly be, He loved us then. When we were dead in our trespasses and sins, and preparing ourselves for wrath, He loved us. It was because of His love that He came to save us. The Apostle Paul prayed that the Ephesian church would comprehend the "height, depth, length, width, of God's love for them. And that they would know the love of God that is past finding out." Ephesians 3:18-19 How does one know a love that is beyond knowing? I don't know! :0) Needless to say God loves you and me. He loves us enough not to leave us the way that we are. One final thought this morning concerning the love of God. The Apostle John said, "Beloved if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." 1 John 4:11. If we have had the love of God poured out upon us, we in return are to love God and love others.

have a blessed day!- PJ

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't Leave Your First Love

Yet I have this one thing against you that you have left your first love. Rev. 2
The church in Ephesus was commended by Jesus for many things. For one thing they were and active church. They served the Lord faithfully in ministry. They were also a persevering church. In the midst of the darkness of the city, they were a bright light. Persevering through persecution they experienced. Furthermore they were a discerning church. As false doctrines swirled all around them, they stayed true to the Word of God. The church would neither harbor sin, nor give place to abhorrent doctrine. The church had been built on a solid foundation. Yet for all of praiseworthy things that were taking place Jesus said He had one thing against them. The church in Ephesus had left their first love. It does not say that they LOST IT, BUT LEFT IT. The distinction between leaving and losing is important. Something can be lost quite by accident, but leaving is a deliberate act, though it may not happen suddenly. Conversely, when we lose something we don’t know where to find it, but when we leave something, we know where to find it. The question is how did this happen, and how can this be avoided?
A process of subtle spiritual erosion had taken place. It was not their love for the ministry that was called into question,or not their dedication to service, but their heartfelt devotion to savior. Perhaps they took for granted their relationship with Jesus. They no longer possessed that, "spontaneous sparkle" of love for the Lord. It all became routine without romance. Maybe they elevated the blessings of the Lord to a place of idolatry in their lives. Whatever it was they had left their love for Jesus behind. Thankfully Jesus came them the solution to deal with this sin.
Jesus gave them four things that they need to do.

1. Remember: Remember from where they had fallen.
2. Repent: What they had done was sin and therefore they needed to repent.
3. Repeat: Go back and do the things that they were doing before.

The results would very depending on how they responded to the exhortation of Jesus.

Either they would return and receive the reward that Jesus promised. Or they would not return and continue the path they were traveling and miss out on the fruit that could have been theirs.

Don't Leave Your First Love!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lessons From The Thorns

I am not a person who has a green thumb. I can mow a lawn, pull some weeds, and even replace a sprinkler; but I am no expert. Today I spent some time picking weeds while listening to worship. I find it relaxing and refreshing, I know strange right? We have a few rose bushes on our patio. When they bloom they are beautiful to behold. The colors coupled with the fragrance are amazing. However I noticed today that in some of the bushes a number destructive things had occurred. Many of the leaves had holes in them. Some bugs ate their fill and in the process affected the roses. In addition to the bugs I noted some weeds that had grown around the bushes as well. Finally, and probably the most painful part, one of the weed like bushes that needed to be removed was full of thorns. Then it dawned on me. If the beauty of those flowers was going to come forth I was going to have to pull the weeds and prune the bushes.
I began the process, "note to self, next time wear a long sleeve shirt". As I reached down into the bushes to take hold of the thorny weeds, I found myself getting scratched in the process. I got a couple thorns stuck in my fingers as well. Honestly, you start to think, "is this really worth it, this hurts a little?... no I did not cry.. but i was grieved..:0).. anyway another thought occurred to me. For these flowers to be all that they were intended to be, for the beauty to come forth the hindrances had to be removed.
Sometimes in our own individual lives, our marriages, in the raising of our kids, we allow the weeds to overgrow the garden. We can easily neglect the garden that produces beauty, and the fragrance of Christ. Then when things are overgrown we say, "Oh whats the use, this is going to be painful to work through? I don't know thats its worth it? Who needs flowers? Besides the weeds are green?" You know what I am talking about? Have you allowed some weed like things to take over the garden? Is the beauty of your marriage, or your personal devotional time with Jesus being choked out? Its not too late to do some gardening. Put the gloves on and go for it. The result of daily tending the spiritual garden is fruit that remains for the glory of the Lord. (John 15)

Blessings.. PJ

We Need Each other

But now indeed there are many members, yet one body. 1 Corinthians 12:20

The church in Corinth seemed to have all of the spiritual gifts in operation. Yet they were not using those gifts in unity. Some who had the more prominent gifts in the congregation were overestimating their gifts, and underestimating the need for other gifts. When this attitude begins to arise, it creates rivalries. It fosters an independent spirit that can lead to division from others. The Apostle Paul shared with the Corinthians that they were to function like a human body. With the understanding that each part is necessary to the entire body.
Just like a part of your physical body cannot say to another part of your physical body, " I don’t need you. Your not wanted here." To your arm you cannot say, " I have been dragging you around for years, I am turning you lose." If you did that you would be crippled in one sense. The Church becomes crippled when we operate this way as well. The truth is we need each other. When every person is doing there share great things are accomplished. When all the churches are preaching and teaching the Word of God, entire communities are transformed. No member, pastor, congregation is to be an island unto itself. We need Jesus and we need one another.

Bradley Wedding

videoWas a blessing being able to be a part of this wedding yesterday. PJ

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When My Life Changed Forever Again

My wife and I had only been
married for seven months when we found out that we were pregnant. I can still remember when Michelle told me the news. I was shocked and happy, I was "shappy". I am sure you could understand I was only twenty years old and I was going to be a father. This was all so new to me. Most of my friends were not even thinking about marriage, but I am married and going to be a dad. We found out before that we were going to have a boy. We looked through various name books trying to come up with something that would fit. We started out thinking lets call him Christian. Yet the Lord impressed upon me the name Jacob. So Jacob it would be. On October 5th, 1993 our son came into this world. It was one of the most amazing things in my life.
It is also amazing how fast time goes by and how quickly our kids grow up. If you a parent savor every moment you have with your kids. Because it won't be long until they grow up right in front of your eyes. We are thankful for all our children. We love our son and are so proud of him. We pray that he continues to seek and serve the Lord. Happy Birthday Jake!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lessons on Humility

I am currently reading a book by D.L. Moody entitled, " Men of the Bible." The first chapter dealt with the life of Abraham and all the things that he went through to become the man God wanted Him to be. The second chapter deals with Moses. Moody points out that Moses thought he would make a great deliverer for the nation of Israel. He had leadership skills, he had been trained in Egypt in the art of war. So one day Moses took matters into his own hands and killed an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Israelite slave. Following this act of murder Moses was forced to flee for his life. Over the next forty years he lost all thought or desire to deliver anyone. Moody makes the point that the reason why Moses did not succeed initially was because,"Moses had a big head but a little heart." We can make that mistake as well. Thinking we are something great and others small. Then like Moses, we find out without the Lord we can do nothing.
It was through the process of time that Moses was humbled. Now Moses was, "small enough for God to use him." Some may be too big for God to use them. Certain jobs in ministry perhaps are below their qualifications. It isn't until we realize that we are bankrupt without the Lord that we can truly do anything good. In one of my favorite quotes of the chapter Moody writes, "When men learn the lesson that they are nothing, and God is everything, then there is not a position in which God cannot use them." Moses spent the first forty years of his life thinking he was something. He spent next forty years of his life finding out he was nothing. Only to spend the last forty years of his life discovering, that a nothing can be something with the Lord. It is surely a lesson we all need to learn. Let us pray that it doesn't take us forty years to figure it out.PJ