Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Joy of the Lord at a Sweater Party

As some of you may know, almost every Friday evening, my wife Michelle and I have the privilege of leading a home fellowship for the college age group. Some of our friends open up their home for these young people. The evening begins with a meal together, followed by a time of prayer for one another, then worship, and a time of interactive study of Gods Word. Pretty simple format. We have such a heart for these guys. The reason is, many of them once they get out of high school can easily fall through the cracks, or drift away from the Lord. the demands of college life and working a steady job brings many new challenges. We want to be there to consistently point them to Jesus. Furthermore there is so much potential with this group because they have the freedom to be, or to go, anywhere the Lord desires them too. The Lord called us into ministry early on in our lives, and we believe the Lord is using many of them now and in the future. 
Last night we had a great time together at our 2nd annual Christmas Sweater Party. There were some pretty amazing ensembles. It is such a joy to be able to have fun in Jesus. So many young people today are out in clubs, or bars, looking for fulfillment in things that are unfulfilling and leave you empty.  Yet to be filled with the joy of the Lord is so much better than anything this world could offer. We love these guys and pray for them that they go on to build their lives upon Jesus!