Monday, December 20, 2010

Important Letters to Pastors

The Pastoral Epistles are some of my favorite books of the Bible. Probably because they were written with specific instructions for pastors. The Apostle Paul writes to two young men Timothy and Titus. Each of these men were stationed in different areas. They both were given the challenging task of leading Gods people. These books are filled with very practical information. Prerequisites for leadership are given. Clear warnings of various pitfalls in ministry that were to be avoided at all costs. These letters also have very pointed exhortations as to what these men were to be doing. For on thing they were to stay committed to teaching the Word of God. They were living and ministering at a time when many were turning from the purity of the scriptures to fables. Some had exchanged living for Jesus with becoming carnal. Both Titus and Timothy were likened to soldiers in battle. They had to stay alert and continue to fight the good fight of faith.
May God help us to apply the things that are written. Remaining faithful to Jesus!
Have a great day, lov u guys....PJ