Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing With A Captive Audience

I am reading the book of Ezekiel at the present time, chapters 3-5. Ezekiel's ministry was not easy. The Lord called him to minister to those who had rebelled against the Lord. Because of this they were not all that excited to hear from the prophet who represented the Lord. Yet the Lord reassured His prophet that He had prepared Him for this work. The Lord said that He would make Ezekiel's forehead like flint. In order that Ezekiel could faithfully proclaim the truth in the face of opposition.
As Ezekiel went down to where the captives were stationed, the first thing that he did was sit with them. In sitting with them he got a clear perspective on what they were going through. That is always a good thing to do in order to have some idea of who you are ministering to. Sit with them, listen to them,see what is truly going on. Then you will be able to affectively assist them.
The house of Israel was dying. The leadership had faltered, as a result the people followed suite. It was a difficult situation. Yet in that hour, God raised up Ezekiel to minister to the captives. To speak to the remnant. To be a watchmen to warn the people.
Perhaps today the Lord may send us to those who are captives of sin. They are suffering the consequences of decisions that they have made. If God calls you, go to them, sit with them, speak to them Gods Word. Do not condemn them, love them with the love of Jesus.
Have a blessed day.PJ

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