Monday, November 22, 2010

Flourishing or Withering

Ezekiel 19:13 Now it is planted in the desert, in a dry and thirsty land. 14 Fire spread from one of its main branches and consumed its fruit. No strong branch is left on it fit for a ruler s scepter.

In Ezekiel chapter 19, the prophet is reflecting upon the nation of Israel's condition in the past. Formerly she was flourishing. At one time extremely fruitful in the land. The reason was due to her connection to God. As long as Israel chose to abide in the Lord she was blessed abundantly. At the same time, the Lord had warned the nation that if they turned away from Him, the consequences would be devastating. Sadly in time she forgot about her Savior and she turned away from the Lord to idols. What followed was a process of withering.
Now the prophet Ezekiel draws a comparison to what Israel was in the past and what she was at the present. Once planted in good soil,bearing fruit. Yet now in a dry and thirsty land. At one time she had branches that were sturdy bearing precious fruits. Now all the fruit had been consumed. The branches were so weak and brittle, that not even one could be used to make a rulers scepter. As you read this chapter it is a powerful warning to us. As long as we continue to abide in the Lord, and walk in obedience to His commands we will remain fruitful. Even during the seasons of life that are dry,we will not wither. At the same time what happened to the nation of Israel can happen to anyone who turns from the truth.
This is always the end result of life that turns from the Lord. At one time walking with the Lord, bearing spiritual fruit, now withered, bitter, and cynical. Perhaps you know people in this condition. Maybe your there yourself. It's not too late to once again sink your roots deep into the love of God. The Lord exhorted His people to turn and live. To come back to Him. And if they would respond they would be restored.

If you have time read John 15. Have a blessed day...PJ