Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better Than Anything

Currently I am reading through the book of Hebrews devotionally. Wow, amazing!!! The writer of Hebrews emphasizes how great Jesus truly is. He does so by drawing comparisons. He points out that Jesus is "BETTER THAN".
Jesus is better than the angels. Although angels are Gods ministering spirits to assist the believer they are in no way on the same level with Jesus.
Jesus is better than the old sacrificial system. The sacrificial system opened up a way for man to approach God. Yet the sacrificial system was limited. For it could only cover sin, it could not remove sin. When Jesus came he was able to not only to cover our sins, but to remove our sins. Thus Jesus is SOOOO much better. Jesus is better than the former priesthood of the Old Covenant. The former high priest not only had to atone for sins of the people, but also for his own sins. As our High Priest, Jesus was without sin. He was not only the high priest offering up the sacrifice, but He is also the sacrifice. Mind boggling? i know... Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. What does all this mean?
It means because of what Jesus has done, our sins our forgiven. It means we have access to the throne room of grace. It means we have the glorious hope of heaven. I echo with a joyous cry of the writer of Hebrews, that "JESUS IS BETTER," HE IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING.