Friday, November 26, 2010

Are You Running From God?

Jonah is a story in the Bible that many people are familiar with. There are many valuable lessons found within it. This morning I will mention a few. In Jonah 1:1 the Lord called Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and preach. Rather then obey Gods call, Jonah ran from God's call. In fact he ran in the complete opposite direction. God's call upon our lives is not something to run from, but to respond to. When we run from the call of God it indicates that we are not trusting God. We assume our plans are better than His. Yet God loves us deeply, and His plans are far better than anything we could come up with.
As Jonah began to run the Bible says he,"went down". He went down to the harbor found a ship to board. He then Went Down into that ship. He would eventually Go Down into the depths of the ocean. When a person runs from God it is always the way down. Sadly some only continue to go down. It's worth noting that when Jonah went to board a ship that he thought would solve His problems by taking him far away from God, a ship was available. The devil knows when a person is running from God. He will always have a vessel of death for you to board. For some it is the vessel of worldly pleasure. Always in search of a good time, good vibes,great experiences, just,"loving life", without really knowing where real life is found. A narcissistic way of living that keeps you inoculated to what reality is. For others it's the "love boat of relationships." No one wants to be alone we say, and under this premise, we search for someone to fill this aching loneliness we feel. Then you give more and more of yourself away until your all used up and broken. You see the interesting thing is it says,"Jonah paid the fare" Jonah 1:3. This is the thing that most people do not realize or consider. Running from Gods love and mercy and amazing plan for your life comes at a high price. Oh some may live there whole life unscathed from the pain of this world, yet the price they will pay for eternity is beyond devastating. May I encourage you today to realize Jesus already paid the fare for our salvation on Calvary's cross. His plans for you are good. He doesn't not want to ruin you, but bless you. Will you go His way or your own?

Blessings PJ