Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another step of faith at Calvary SJC

Today our fellowship took another step of faith, for the first time we had three Sunday morning services. We had a lot of time in prayer leading up to it. Saturday night I did not sleep well. Most of my family has been sick this last week. My wife was really sick over Thanksgiving and still was able to bless our family with an amazing meal. As Sunday was getting closer i started to feel some of the symptoms coming on. Then at about 3am Sunday morning I woke up with severe pain in my face around my cheek bones. Its sounds funny, but face hurt. It hurt to the point that I could no longer sleep. Apparently the virus was moving from my throat up to my sinus cavity. My wife was gracious enough at that hour to pray for me. I was able fall back asleep for about forty five minutes.
As I prayed I felt like this was spiritual warfare. When I arrived at church early this morning I did not have any more pain. Thank you Lord! Our services today were a blessing. It seemed very natural to have three services, it seems as though the Lord is leading us.

Its kind of cool because the church seems small again, and I feel as though I can connect with all our folks easier. And also it provides another chance for us to grow. It also gives others a chance to serve the Lord. I am excited to see what the Lord will do. I can remember only three years ago when the thought of 3 services was not a thought at all. The Lord is so faithful I long to see more people reached with the gospel. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Love you guys! PJ