Monday, November 8, 2010

Alive from the Dead

(not the actual photo of incident)

Last Thursday felt like a summer day. The sun was shining, and the ocean was glassy. Because our kids had a half day of school my wife took them to the beach. The children were having a great time being in the water in November. Then all of the sudden an older man, around the age of 52, came out of the water with surfboard in hand. He started to stumble, and then collapsed on the beach. He did not get up. A youth pastor and his wife ran to the mans aid. Then a young 20yr. old girl began to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation. the next person to arrive on the scene was my wife Michelle. Jay Campbell had a heart attack. Suddenly everyone went into action. There were many believers on the beach that day they started praying. Two surfers arrived taking turns with heart compressions to start Jay's unresponsive heart. For fifteen minutes they pressed upon Jays chest. Then two lifeguards arrived, who were Christians, working frantically to revive this man. Jay's body had turned blue, and his frame began to swell. Finally the paramedics arrived and found that there was no pulse, Jay was dead. They took out the defibrillator and charged his body three separate times, and established a weak pulse. Then they whisked him away to the hospital. As the ambulance pulled away a group of Christians gathered on the beach to pray for Jays life.
My wife assumed that Jay was dead. It was a traumatic experience, to say the least. Following the women's Bible study Friday morning, Michelle received a text from a friend who was on the beach with her, Jay was alive. A man who was formerly dead on the beach was brought back to life. We were overcome with amazement.
Following our services Sunday morning, Michelle and I went to see Jay in the ICU unit. He was sitting up. We met his wife and two daughters. It turns out Jay was also a Christian. My wife was able to recount the details on the day he died and how God had spared his life. We then had the privilege of praying with the family. My wife said that this experience, " has changed her life." I realize that life is short and God holds our very breath in His hands.