Friday, October 1, 2010

Lessons on Humility

I am currently reading a book by D.L. Moody entitled, " Men of the Bible." The first chapter dealt with the life of Abraham and all the things that he went through to become the man God wanted Him to be. The second chapter deals with Moses. Moody points out that Moses thought he would make a great deliverer for the nation of Israel. He had leadership skills, he had been trained in Egypt in the art of war. So one day Moses took matters into his own hands and killed an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Israelite slave. Following this act of murder Moses was forced to flee for his life. Over the next forty years he lost all thought or desire to deliver anyone. Moody makes the point that the reason why Moses did not succeed initially was because,"Moses had a big head but a little heart." We can make that mistake as well. Thinking we are something great and others small. Then like Moses, we find out without the Lord we can do nothing.
It was through the process of time that Moses was humbled. Now Moses was, "small enough for God to use him." Some may be too big for God to use them. Certain jobs in ministry perhaps are below their qualifications. It isn't until we realize that we are bankrupt without the Lord that we can truly do anything good. In one of my favorite quotes of the chapter Moody writes, "When men learn the lesson that they are nothing, and God is everything, then there is not a position in which God cannot use them." Moses spent the first forty years of his life thinking he was something. He spent next forty years of his life finding out he was nothing. Only to spend the last forty years of his life discovering, that a nothing can be something with the Lord. It is surely a lesson we all need to learn. Let us pray that it doesn't take us forty years to figure it out.PJ