Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lessons From The Thorns

I am not a person who has a green thumb. I can mow a lawn, pull some weeds, and even replace a sprinkler; but I am no expert. Today I spent some time picking weeds while listening to worship. I find it relaxing and refreshing, I know strange right? We have a few rose bushes on our patio. When they bloom they are beautiful to behold. The colors coupled with the fragrance are amazing. However I noticed today that in some of the bushes a number destructive things had occurred. Many of the leaves had holes in them. Some bugs ate their fill and in the process affected the roses. In addition to the bugs I noted some weeds that had grown around the bushes as well. Finally, and probably the most painful part, one of the weed like bushes that needed to be removed was full of thorns. Then it dawned on me. If the beauty of those flowers was going to come forth I was going to have to pull the weeds and prune the bushes.
I began the process, "note to self, next time wear a long sleeve shirt". As I reached down into the bushes to take hold of the thorny weeds, I found myself getting scratched in the process. I got a couple thorns stuck in my fingers as well. Honestly, you start to think, "is this really worth it, this hurts a little?... no I did not cry.. but i was grieved..:0).. anyway another thought occurred to me. For these flowers to be all that they were intended to be, for the beauty to come forth the hindrances had to be removed.
Sometimes in our own individual lives, our marriages, in the raising of our kids, we allow the weeds to overgrow the garden. We can easily neglect the garden that produces beauty, and the fragrance of Christ. Then when things are overgrown we say, "Oh whats the use, this is going to be painful to work through? I don't know thats its worth it? Who needs flowers? Besides the weeds are green?" You know what I am talking about? Have you allowed some weed like things to take over the garden? Is the beauty of your marriage, or your personal devotional time with Jesus being choked out? Its not too late to do some gardening. Put the gloves on and go for it. The result of daily tending the spiritual garden is fruit that remains for the glory of the Lord. (John 15)

Blessings.. PJ