Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iron Man Dinner with David Rosales

Last night we had our monthly Iron Man Dinner. The Iron Man dinner consists of great food, wonderful fellowship, a time of worship, and a teaching from a guest Pastor. We were blessed to have Pastor David Rosales from Calvary Chapel Chino Valley join us. I have always been encouraged and blessed by Pastor Davids teaching. He has a tremendous gift of exhortation as he teaches God's Word. This gift of exhortation inspires me to live for Jesus. At times when I have listened to his messages I have experienced the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the need to examine my heart and see if I am where I need to be as a Christian man. Pastor David spoke from Philippians 1, where Paul speaks of having a walk worthy of the gospel. David pointed out that there are many today who are "doctrinally sound in their theology, but practically carnal in their daily living." This he made clear from the scriptures, was a inconsistency in the life of the believer. There should be something about the way I live my life that looks less like this world and more like Jesus. David also made mention of the importance of blooming where you are planted. Serving in your congregation that the Lord has placed you is important. Not simply sitting idly, but serving faithfully. For many this is a missing part of their Christianity. David shared a story of a women who visited his church and said," this is my first time here and I wanted to know what this church has to offer me?" David responded by saying," the question is what do you have to offer this church?"
The overall theme of Davids message was, the fruit of being a Christian will manifest itself in a changed life. What I say I believe will ultimately affect the way that I live. As I left the church last night my prayer was, " Jesus let your life be seen through my life. Let me decrease so You can increase."

Thanks Pastor David for Blessing the men of our church with a timely and much needed word.